Luxurious beauty treatments in Melville


Our beauty treatments in Melville range from professional Cosmetic Tattooing with over 30 years of experience to absolutely amazing Sothys facials. 

I operate my salon from a cozy home environment. So you have absolute privacy and total attention. There will not be a trainee working on you, just me, owner operator.

I specialise in Cosmetic Tattooing, that is, semi-permanent eyebrows, eyeliners and lipliners or lip fill ins.You are covered for 2 sessions, 3-4 weeks apart. You can book in for a no obligation FREE consultation. For more details, please phone Tel : 08 93301229 or email me on


Cosmetic Tattooing has been around for over 30 years and there has been vast improvements in technique and range of colors. I have tattooed thousands of clients over 30 years. So, be assured that you will be getting the best cosmetic tattooist in the beauty industry.

All eyebrows, eyeliners and lipliners are drawn on first. Then, I blend the colors that suit your overall coloring. It does not matter what hair color you have at the time. Ladies change their hair color quite a few times in their lifetime. Eyebrow color can be altered or the shape thinned out or thickened as the face changes shape.

You are covered for 2 sessions about 3-4 weeks apart. I will draw the shape in, blend the color,numb the skin area with a topical anaesthetic, then tattoo it into the skin. The tattooed area will gently peel off, but a balm is applied several times a day to keep it moist, to prevent excessive peeling.

I also cover up scars from operations; create a nipple for ladies who had mastectomy with implants,skin cancer scars,breast reduction scars,vitiligo and lots more.

You will be amazed at your transformation! A whole new you! Eyebrows are so important as they frame your face. With eyeliners etc, you can play sport, sweat bullets, swim, run a marathon and it all stays on. No more having to check whether you've accidentally rubbed half your eyebrow off or eyeliners running to create 'panda' eyes.

Quality SOTHYS product and EYELASH PERMING

beautiful complexion and state of well-being

At Susan Yong Permanent Eyebrows & Eyeliners I carry SOTHYS range of quality skincare  for  women. I will be able to recommend the ideal skincare for your skin.  That way, I provide you with what you need to recreate that glowing skin at home, so you can enjoy salon perfection every day.

I have been doing EYELASH PERMING for over 30 years. It gives an instant lift to your straight eyelashes.The transformation is amazing!

I glue tiny rods above your lashline, stick each and every lash carefully onto the rod. Then, gentle perming lotion is applied, left on for a few minutes, then the neutraliser. After that, the rods are removed and optional eyelash tinting applied. Procedure takes an hour.

Then, VOILA!! The new upturned girl : )